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Join Us!

If you feel you may be called to reach and love the Japanese in Japan, then we would love to have you consider joining us!

As a staff at YWAM Sendai, you will become an integral part of a pioneering missional community where your gifting and personality will shape our culture and influence how we reach the Japanese.

Above all, you should come ready to pursue God in prayer and worship and be committed to developing a naturally supernatural lifestyle. You should also be flexible as this is a pioneering YWAM community, not just a gathering of individual missionaries.

The Process

Note: You will have had to have completed a YWAM DTS somewhere in the world to start the application process.

  • First, explore this wiki to find information on staff expectations, YWAM values, fundraising, Japanese culture, Japanese language learning tips etc.

  • Connect with us via Discord, introduce yourself, and ask us questions.

  • We will send you a Staff Application form. Once you complete this, we will send Character Reference forms to three people that know you.

  • Once we have received the references, we will pray and discuss as a team about whether we feel this is where God wants you to be. We will then let you know if we are happy continuing with the process, or not.

  • If we feel peace about moving forward, we will send you a Medical and Criminal Background Check form. Only the YWAM Sendai leaders will have access to this information.

  • Once we have received this completed form, the leaders will dialogue with you about any questions or concerns they have about what you submitted in order to make sure you have the support you need when serving with us.

  • If the leaders clear you to join us, you will then start fundraising! This is also a good time to get stuck into language study, if you haven't already.

  • Once you have reached at least the Minimum Support Level of financial support, you can join our team! If you are in need of a visa to live in Japan, we will start the visa process!

You will be guided through this process and you are free to ask any questions anytime!